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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Another name of marijuana is bhang although it has a lot of street names. Marijuana plants grow in countries in the tropics and it is used both in recreation and medicine. A marijuana plant which is known as cannabis is green in color and has leaves which have saw-like edges. The relieving effect of bhang makes it effective in being used for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana is known as cannabidiol. It is the main component of the cannabis plant cannabidiol can be consumed by vaporizing, drinking, injection, smoking, chewing or applying on the skin. Below are the importance of marijuana in medicine.

In order to relieve pain, cannabidiol is used. Medical marijuana has a relieving effect and this is why it is used by medical professionals while doing painful procedures such as surgery. Medical marijuana is used in anesthesia since the CBD has the ability to interact with brain receptors hence offering pain relief. Cannabidiol can also be administered to patients who are stressed in order to offer relaxation. The medical MDs are the ones who did research and discovered that Medical Marijuana reduces pain and stress.

Cannabidiol is effective in curing epilepsy. Damage to the nervous system can lead to epilepsy. The occurrence of the loss of consciousness can be cut down by the use of cannabidiol. The medical MDs are the ones who discovered this after administering medical marijuana to epileptic rats. Cannabidiol cuts down the number of seizures by more than 35%.

Medical marijuana is used in treating cancer. Cancer causes the cells of various organs to have abnormal growth. Cannabidiol has components which reduce inflammation by killing the tumor cells. Medical MDs discovered this after administering cannabidiol to a breast cancer cell. Cannabidiol also reduces the spreading of the cancer cells.

Medical marijuana is effective in curing heart diseases. Heart failure is a good example of a disease which can be treated by the use of cannabidiol. Medical marijuana makes the heart to pump the blood harder and this prevents heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Another disease which can be cured by using medical marijuana is acne. A person suffering from acne has a skin which is rough and has pimples. After applying cannabidiol oil and lotions on your skin, pimples will reduce and your skin will be smooth. This site has more on cannabidiol oils.

Finally, cannabidiol is used in improving appetite. Loss of appetite happens when one does not crave for food and this can lead to severe weight loss. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS reduce appetite hence HIV/AIDS patients are supposed to be administered with medical marijuana. Cannabidiol is effective in boosting appetite by increasing the rate of metabolism.

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